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Our History

Below are past and present employees with 20+ years of service:
Guerdon Schumacher
Paula Schumacher
Ruth Ann Gerow
Lucy Stack
Robert Tarzwell
Linda Hicks
Ralph Goerge
Carol Goerge
Carol Brown
Glenn Smith
Cathi Quider
Deanna Schneider
Jeff Johnston
Kelly Hartner
Patty Gerow
Pam Bigham
Ann Croskey


Agency Was Founded


Mrs. Elsie Russell, Secretary (January 1953 – July 1953)



Guerdon Schumacher bought the R.L. Johnson Insurance Agency January of 1953 and became known as the Schumacher Insurance Agency. The office was in the basement of the R.L. Johnson Home. The office was moved to the Beaverton Hotel for a short time. Elsie Russell was the first secretary. Six months after the agency was purchased, R.L. Johnson passed away and the agency was moved back to the basement and Guerdon and Paula Schumacher purchased the home.



Log Building: In 1955, the agency was moved to the Log Building.

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